terça-feira, 24 de novembro de 2009


Belair films was the film production company created by Julio Bressane and Rogério Sganzerla that, between February and May of 1970, made seven feature-length films: A família do barulho; Carnaval na lama; Barão Olavo, o horrível; Copacabana mon amour; Cuidado madame; Sem essa aranha; A miss e o dinossauro. Belair is a history of cinema. Forbidden by the censorship of the time, these fiction films are an unknown and revealing mirror-mask of that dark period. Images that suggest the horror represented by the loss of freedom and the end of a transformative cinema. An optical excavation brings to light these clandestine photograms. The montage projects the experimental effort of these film-makers to make visible the invisible, and moves the pieces in a chess game of fictions, of energies, of stories.